I Write Myself to You

PDF-file by Walter C. Huffman

I Write Myself to You PDF ebook download Walter Huffman believes that "we live poetically on earth." Despite the contemporary passion for science and technology people are more deeply motivated by images and fabulations. Stories and myths help us remember who we are and dreams give us vision for the future. Such imaginings are the essence of the poetic spirit. This collection of poems introduces a poet of wide-ranging experience who is able to take poetic pictures of moments great and small in our lives. Using an amalgam of styles and themes, Huffman reflects the diverse influence of poets like T.S. Eliot, e.e. cummings, Robert Frost, and beat poet, Kenneth Patchen. This poetry has a single intent: a piercing look into the heart of things. The collection moves through nature's seasons from ""Once Upon a Summertime"" to ""A Cosmic Christmas"" to the passion narrative in ""Vernal Equinox."." The politics of the present day find expression in poems like ""Katrina"" and ""Holy Innocents."" And there are whimsical encounters with Sally, the Man and Woman in the Garden and with death.

eBook I Write Myself to You

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