The Monsterator

PDF-file by Keith Graves

The Monsterator PDF ebook download Halloween makes Master Edgar Dreadbury yawn. He finds costumes terribly tedious and not nearly scary enough. So, when he finds a grime covered contraption called the Mosterator inside a mysterious costume shop, he inserts a dime and steps inside. Monsterated, Edgar is fearsome to behold, no one is scarier to Edgar. When Edgar finds out he can't be un-monsterated, he growls and stomps home, but all is well as Edgar grows rather fond of his freakish new features and relishes his role as a monstrous creature! THE MONSTERATOR is a fabulous read for little monsters any time of year, but will be especially loved during Halloween! The final pages flip to "monsterate" Edgar, allowing for a countless combinations and interactive fun!

eBook The Monsterator

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