Women, Sex, and Addiction

PDF-file by Charlotte Kasl

Women, Sex, and Addiction PDF ebook download I had a therapist in my early 20s who asked me to read this and I refused. I had to be in my 40s, in the midst of yet another complicated and confusing relationship, to have the nerve to purchase it when yet someone else put it in front of my nose. It wasn't what I thought it would be - I think I balked at the word "addiction" initially - but it kicked my ever lovin' ass into some thought directions I've never gone before. I learned so much about the dynamics of my love and sexual relationships, and underlined the heck out of this book with things I wanted to soak in. It goes back to the root of things - early childhood, parental relationships, covering things like boundary setting, conditional and unconditional love, self esteem, and so on. As an abuse survivor, that was more often beaten emotionally or spiritually, I didn't realize the true impact some of the insidious and subtle events of my childhood impacted me as an adult. I found myself shuddering and sputtering a lot when I read this, and recognized long held patterns in my life that I really never understood.

Yup, this one blew my mind. The pages will be falling out before I'm fully done with it.

eBook Women, Sex, and Addiction

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