Eight Children and a Truck (Eight Children, #1)

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Eight Children and a Truck (Eight Children, #1) PDF ebook download Anne-Catharina Vestly, but published as Anne-Cath. Vestly is a Norwegian actress and author of children books. She debuted with "Ole Aleksander Filibom-bom-bom" in 1953. Her first works were designed to be read on the radio, making the language to a greater extent oral than in her later books. Through the Norwegian children radio program "Barnetimen for de minste" she developed a large audience for her children stories. Some of her books were adapted into movies. As an actress, the Anne-Cath. Vestly herself played the role as the grandmother in the films about "Mormor og de åtte ungene". An interesting aspect of Vestly's books are that she has created her own little town, "Tiriltoppen", where many of her characters live. Hence, earlier protagonists reoccur in later book series when their lives intertwine.

eBook Eight Children and a Truck (Eight Children, #1)

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