Red Summer

PDF-file by Antoinette J. Houston

Red Summer PDF ebook download Rita found that she could manipulate fire, but her control was deteriorating.
Her boyfriend, Wil, just wanted to enjoy being with her.Unfortunately her ‘baggage’ may prove to be too much.
Ingrid wanted to help better the relationship between her brother and his foster daughter; Rita.But his paranoid antics were driving everyone crazy.
Nikki thought his life was normal only to find that he, Wil, Ingrid and Rita had been living their high school lives over and over for the past eighteen years.
Bobby has tried his hardest to keep Wil away from Rita. Rewriting their memoriesevery time they got too close. With Jason finally coming out of his coma, Bobby couldn't get back to restart their memories. Now he was going to have to convince Rita that she belonged with him.
If Jason didn't kill them all first.

eBook Red Summer

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