Another Day on Willow St

PDF-file by Frank Anthony Polito

Another Day on Willow St PDF ebook download September 2001 - Two couples fight to learning the meaning of love, sacrifice, and living for today...before it's too late. Wall Street investment banker Ian Brown and his eight months pregnant wife Stacy Gold live in a beautiful Brooklyn Heights brownstone on Willow Street. When Stacy gives up her publishing job to become a stay-at-home mom, she soon gets bored with sitting on the Promenade, sipping Starbucks. With time on her hands, Stacy begins to fear losing what little intimacy she and Ian have left, once the baby arrives. Aspiring actor Mark Gray and his lover Paul Green have been living long-distance for the past six months. Mark keeps a studio on Willow Street while Paul works as a lawyer in Boston, near his sick mother. When Mark learns of Paul's mom's dying wish to see him marry her son, he is faced with the reality of finally coming out to his parents. With time running out, Mark soon discovers what committing himself fully to another person truly entails. After a chance meeting Stacy and Mark become friends. Stacy's frustrations with Ian's commitment to his job are revealed along with the strain Mark's fear of coming out is putting on his relationship with Paul. The pair soon helps each other see their culpability in their relationship problems and accept their share of the blame. But with the clock ticking, will these two couples ever learn to compromise — or will they keep putting things off for a day that may never come?

eBook Another Day on Willow St

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