The Ascent of Mind

PDF-file by William H. Calvin

The Ascent of Mind PDF ebook download This is a fascinating book - Calvin is a really interesting writer, he chats away effortlessly about brains and how they evolved.Over the years he has had two major ideas about how brains got to be bigger and able to do the sorts of things that ours do.One idea was that we learnt to throw stones - we are the only of the apes able to do this with any accuracy - and that this had an impact on our ability to do sequential reasoning.Ok, so it is a long shot, but an interesting idea.Pinker takes him to task on this in The Blank Slate, but such is life.

In this book he talks about the impact of climates on human intelligence and does a lovely discription of the likely effect of global warming on European climate and the stopping of the gulf stream.

eBook The Ascent of Mind

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