Walking in the Will of God

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Walking in the Will of God PDF ebook download The success of Steve McVey's books—beginning with the 225,000-selling "Grace Walk"—testifies to readers' hunger to get free of performance-focused Christianity and rediscover the grace-filled, relational God of the Scriptures.

The issue of God's will confuses and frustrates many believers. Steve McVey helps and encourages them with key biblical principles:

Focusing on "rules," Christians end up anxious, hesitant, and distant from their compassionate Father.
Focusing on God's "relationship" with them, Christians will feel assured He is a Person to trust, not a formula to figure out.
Believers can relax, knowing that God wants to guide them and has given them the life and mind of Christ.
The result of the grace-based relationship? A bold, no-regrets life, lived in light of God's complete dependability. This kind of life—the kind of life every Christian desires—is revealed in "Walking in the Will of God."

eBook Walking in the Will of God

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