BLACK CATS BOXED SET -- Three Thrilling Full-Length Novels of Suspense!

PDF-file by Leslie A. Kelly

BLACK CATS BOXED SET -- Three Thrilling Full-Length Novels of Suspense! PDF ebook download THREE exciting, full-length novels by New York Times Bestselling Author Leslie A. Kelly!

This boxed set includes books 1-3 in the Black CATs series:

Fade to Black
Pitch Black
Black At Heart

Praise for books in the series:

"Fade To Black is a very entertaining story. It's gripping, it has me at the edge of my seat, and it even has me feeling scared - and you're looking at an unapologetic fan of gore-drenched horror movies here. The quiet moments when Dean and Stacey find solace in each other's company provides the tenderness to counter the bleak desolation that is the rest of the story. All in all, Fade To Black is fabulous!" - Mrs. Giggles

“Pitch Black is the second in the trilogy, and it had me thoroughly engrossed from start to finish. If you’re a romantic suspense fan and haven’t yet tried this series, I highly recommend you do. A Desert Island Keeper” – All About Romance

"Out of the three books, this was definitely the best. It was emotional, suspenseful, and romantic. Wyatt was an enigma from the beginning. In Black at Heart, we finally gets to see what drives him. This is a hero that has a core of honesty that he will never let get compromised." — Book Binge

“Elegantly woven plots, filled with action and psychological drama, make this dynamic series mesmerizing 4 ½ stars” – Romantic Times Magazine

About The Books:

The Black CATs (an FBI Cyber Action Team) are a group of highly-specialized agents, led by the enigmatic, brilliant Wyatt Blackstone. Tasked with solving Internet-related murders, they find themselves investigating some of the most brutal crimes imaginable. From serial killers like a monster who “auctions-off” means-of-death and then shows the videos to his adoring fans, to a Darwinian psychopath who wants to thin-out the gene pool, the members of this team not only have to save the lives of innocent victims…but also their own.

If you like thrilling romantic suspense novels by Karen Rose, Lisa Jackson or Iris Johansen, you’re sure to love the Black CATs!

eBook BLACK CATS BOXED SET -- Three Thrilling Full-Length Novels of Suspense!

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