Touch Me

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Touch Me PDF ebook download "Tonight is about the things you like," she said. "The things you love."

Michael thinks he's going to spend the night in his apartment alone. He's wrong. Shannon is waiting. She has a wild ride planned for him. Nothing is as it seems as Shannon takes Michael well in hand.

Hot sex from Mary James, author of "Texas Strip 'Em."

About 4,000 words.

This is a Bartholin Book. All Bartholin Books are DRM-free.


Michael tried to remember if the lights in the apartment had been off. He remembered crossing the street when he came home, but not looking up. Off they were, though, leaving darkness as far as he could see.

As far as the eye could… Well, that's just silly.

He laughed at himself. Besides, it wasn't all darkness. The light from the hallway ran in the open door and up the wall to where a button was waiting. It was a new button, round, cream colored, and nestled within some kind of metal that was so finely woven it looked like dark lace. It made him forget about the darkness.

Mounted below the button was a small sign. The sign looked like stiff, heavy, card stock, the same cream color as the button. It read, "Touch me."

He reached out, and pressed the button. At various distances down the hallway small, isolated moments of electronic candlelight appeared. The lights flickered on and off at random, but each one led the way to the next, beckoning him in. He relaxed, and smiled. His body began to fill with a whole different kind of tension. It was going to be one of 'those' nights. His briefcase and jacket were dropped, forgotten, inside the door as he followed where the lights led.

He went down the hall and across the sparse, darkened living room, down another hall and into the open bedroom door. There, beside the bed, was another flickering candle, this one on the bedside table, casting a warm glow on another sign. The same creamy paper as the last one, with the same message, "Touch me."

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