Primal Beat

PDF-file by Marilyn Campbell

Primal Beat PDF ebook download Anthropologist Spence Banning is researching the effects of primitive tribal music on the civilized human libido. Unfortunately, he lacks the perfect test subject to complete his work on sexual response.When the primal beats pulse through the vents of her apartment in the middle of the night, Ivy Whitehall awakens in a state of intense arousal. Although she normally avoids confrontation, desperation drives her to seek out the source of the music and demand relief. Their initial sexual encounter is manic, mindless and nameless but afterward Spence convinces Ivy to be his test subject. Though the research is intriguing, Ivy finds her willingness to help is less for the sake of scienceā€¦and more about strengthening a certain sexual syncopation.

eBook Primal Beat

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