The GAS-BAG Trilogy

PDF-file by Terri Douglas

The GAS-BAG Trilogy PDF ebook download Three GAS-BAG books together at last in one volume. GAS-BAG, GAS-BAG in Peril, and GAS-BAG Salvation. The wry tongue-in-cheek humorous trilogy of the witches of GAS-BAG.
Not all women are created equal; some have the power of magic.
The sisterhood of the Grand Ancient Society – British Assembly Gathering or GAS-BAG is the sorority all British witches belong to and there has been a GAS-BAG council for hundreds of years, thousands even, probably since the dawn of civilised society. This is no boring W I, no jam and Jerusalem, nor a female masons society with odd handshakes although to the uninitiated it might seem so. No this is the GAS-BAG where magic and miscast spells are more the order of the day.
Will Aryana Flaxforth be the powerful witch everyone is expecting her to be with her auspicious birthday?
Will Alveda Flaxforth, Aryana’s grand-mother, ever behave herself and stop bending the rules?
Can Lynn Strank the GAS-BAG Grand Hag, command the respect her high position deserves after her mother Enid’s forbidding leadership?
And who will the disreputable Toadscum sisters enchant next in their inexhaustible craving for good-looking male personalities?
Or will the evil Violet put a spanner in everyone’s works and manage to achieve the power and domination over others she so craves?

eBook The GAS-BAG Trilogy

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