Green Death (Dimensions in Death, #3)

PDF-file by The Brothers Washburn

Green Death (Dimensions in Death, #3) PDF ebook download The final book in the Dimensions in Death series is a Brothers Grimm–like mystery set in vast Mojave wilderness

In an ongoing fight with the unearthly predators invading their small hometown of Trona, California, Camm and Cal have watched their feelings for each other deepen. However, well-meaning but misguided federal agents have torn them apart, arresting Cal and expanding the manhunt for Camm. Attempting to protect Camm, Cal strikes a deal with the agents to guide an expedition through the portal in the Searles Mansion to the parallel dimension of the deadly Mojave Green, where Cal’s friend, Lenny is lost. The agents believe the mansion holds the secret to controlling alien crossovers and believe Cal can help them uncover an ancient secret. Not understanding what Cal is doing, Camm is devastated by Cal’s apparent betrayal. Making matters worse, Agent Allen, Camm’s secret ally, is compelled also to join the mission to save Lenny. Camm is left alone to face her worst nightmare: a seemingly indestructible creature of unknown origins who is filled with a burning hatred and an all-consuming desire to track her down and eat her alive.

eBook Green Death (Dimensions in Death, #3)

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