Dealing with the Rejection and Praise of Man

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Dealing with the Rejection and Praise of Man PDF ebook download This book was a real roller coaster ride for me. I got so frustrated at one point that I almost put the book down. I'm glad I didn't. I learned quite a bit reading it. I still don't agree with everything he said though. Some people may not agree with my views which would probably make this book much more satisfying for them.

I don't appreciate his apparent view that God controls everyone. He didn't come out and say that but it was fairly obvious from the content of chapter 3. He said that God designs rejection for our own good. He didn't say that God uses rejection. What he is basically saying is that God designs it so that people will reject us. We are supposed to love people, rejection is not loving people, so in effect he is saying that God makes people sin. And for what reason? So that we can stay humble and better handle rejection in the future? First of all, the idea that we need rejection in order to be able to handle rejection is just ridiculous, just think about it. Secondly, there are plenty of other ways that God could lead us to humility. Realizing how amazing God is in comparison to us, plus recognizing that others have been given gifts we don't have is one way. I won't go any further, but this was the most frustrating part to me.

I also found his organization of the book created more confusion than was needed. Not until the very last chapter did he clear up some issues that I had with what he was saying. He could have mixed this in earlier to make it easier to understand. I also thought some of his views were contradictory, a lot of his language sounded like he thought we should strive while it is clear that we must only look to Jesus.

But enough criticism. I also thought he made a lot of good points. Some of it was things I had already realized and other things were new. The biggest points were that we don't need to receive people's praise, but we do receive them and their love. Also, a great reminder is that we won't worry about rejection and praise when we are completely satisfied in God. Would I recommend this book to others? It's a toss up.

eBook Dealing with the Rejection and Praise of Man

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