Compete, Play, Win

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Compete, Play, Win PDF ebook download Told from the viewpoint of a self-described competition junkie, Compete, Play, Win is a look at the psychology behind the competitive drive, a look at the sociological ramifications of acting on competitive impulses, and a book of advice on how to channel those impulses for personal gain in business, sport, and in life.

In a chapter called "Sperm Wars," author David Apostolico pinpoints conception as the beginning of our competitive nature, and discusses the competition for a mate that precedes that, setting up the idea that competition is a biological necessity, and evolution has embraced and modified that drive. In a later chapter called "Competitive Nation," Apostolico uses himself as a test subject, entering a far-flung variety of contests (including competitive eating contests, dog shows, and drag races), in order to test how far he, as a competitive junkie, is willing to go for victory. At the end of each event, he answers a list of ten questions, concluding with, "Can a competitive junkie ever feel truly satisfied?"

Along this personal journey, Apostolico draws parallels between personal competition and competition in the business world, and imparts his firsthand knowledge of how to use the competitive drive to win at everything you do.

eBook Compete, Play, Win

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