Sweep (Sweep, #4-6)

PDF-file by Cate Tiernan

Sweep (Sweep, #4-6) PDF ebook download Includes:
Book 4 - Dark Magick
Book 5 - Awakening
Book 6 - Spellbound

Morgan Rowlands is a blood witch, the last of a long line of ancient and powerful witches and the holder of an unfathomable power. With the help of her love, her soul mate, Cal, she has realized her true self-but at a price. For Morgan and Cal share a terrible, dark secret; one that binds them together even as they are rend apart. Yet there is something about Cal's hunger for magick that frightens Morgan...

And now there is another, one who can bring Morgan clarity, truth... love. Morgan must decide who is her true soul mate, and who is out to destroy her forever...

eBook Sweep (Sweep, #4-6)

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