A History of the Sikhs, Volume 2

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A History of the Sikhs, Volume 2 PDF ebook download This book is the second part of a deep and insightful look at the Sikh community and their history. The two books cover the story of the Sikhs from the founding of the Sikh religion to modern times. The first book outlines and traces the history from the beginning. It starts with the founding of the Sikh faith by Guru Nanak, and covers the periods of the prominent Sikh gurus.

Then begins the coverage of the birth and the gradual growth of the Sikh Kingdom, culminating in the period of the great Sikh leader, Ranjit Singh. A History Of The Sikhs 1839-2004 (Volume - 2) then picks up the thread from the time of the death of Ranjit Singh and traces the continued history of the Sikhs. The death of Ranjit Singh heralded a period of confusion and strife. His seven sons fought among themselves to seize control of their father’s kingdom. The British, good at spotting an opportunity, seized the moment. A rebellion in Multan gave them a reason to intervene in the affairs of the kingdom. Slowly, they began to seize control of the Sikh dominion, resulting in the formation of the Punjab colonies.

The book then goes on to cover the social and political changes under the British rule. It then examines the social and religious turbulence, the peasant agitation and the period following the First World War. The next part covers World War II and the period preceding the country's independence. It then traces the rising demand for a separate state for the Sikhs, the rise of the Akalis, the Anandpur Sahib Resolution, and the emergence of Sikh extremism. It continues to the climax with the staging of Operation Blue Star and the subsequent assassination of Indira Gandhi and its aftermath.

The two volumes comprise a comprehensive coverage of Sikh history over a period of five centuries. It is an in-depth analysis of causes and effects that led to the demand for Khalistan.

eBook A History of the Sikhs, Volume 2

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