The Visitors

PDF-file by C.A. Wittman

The Visitors PDF ebook download In 1984, four peculiar children arrive to the island of Maui; thin to the point of frailty and with little speech or understanding, they are thrust into the begrudging custody of an elderly, reclusive couple that hold dark secrets to the children's strange and unimaginable past.

Sara Deuraux, the couple's young, adopted daughter tries to make sense of the new family members, only to uncover truths both stunning and horrific.

In an effort to gain understanding Sara forms tenuous friendships with an unlikely pair: Jenny a haole outcast and Sunami, a tomboyish, local girl. As the three begin to uncover clues about Sara's cousins, a chilling picture begins to take shape. An insidious terror is sweeping through the valley where the girls live, threatening the lives of the community. In a race to discover information about who the children really are, the girls realize to their horror that time is running out.

eBook The Visitors

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