Cracking Grace (Kindle Edition, 2014)

PDF-file by Stephen Stromp

Cracking Grace (Kindle Edition, 2014) PDF ebook download Cracking Grace questions the very basic concepts of spirituality through the eyes of Audrey, a young girl in the midst of a tragedy—and through the eyes of Mary, a seemingly lifeless cemetery statue.

As her father slips into madness, Audrey is left to explore a secret world for answers to her loss. Aided by her faithful companion, a bluebird named Bluebell, Mary sets out on her own mission of discovery—despite chiding from the other residents of the cemetery: the cynical Jesus; two wisecracking gargoyles; and the eccentric ghost Mrs. Grant, a curmudgeonly old woman trapped among the graves.

Part fable, part dark fantasy, Cracking Grace is the story of loss and of newfound friendships for a young, wounded girl. It’s the story of a father bound to the flesh, unable to accept death. It’s the story of a woman trapped in stone, determined to understand her existence.

eBook Cracking Grace (Kindle Edition, 2014)

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