Robinhound Crusoe (The Adventures of Wishbone #4)

PDF-file by Caroline Leavitt

Robinhound Crusoe (The Adventures of Wishbone #4) PDF ebook download Oakdale is shut down during a blackout, and Joe's big chance to get noticed by the eighth-grade basketball coach will be left in the dark—unless he and Wishbone can somehow hightail it across town to the game in time! Their adventure reminds Wishbone of Daniel Defoe's great tale "Robinson Crusoe." Wishbone imagines himself as Crusoe, the lone survivor of a shipwreck, tossed into a deset isle without food, shelter, or friends. He soon finds himself battling nature, wild cats, and hungry cannibals. It will take every ounce of brains and courage this canine castaway has to beat the odds and save the day!

eBook Robinhound Crusoe (The Adventures of Wishbone #4)

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