Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek

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Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek PDF ebook download As someone who homeschools, works, and runs a household, the idea of freeing up ten (!!) hours a week appeals to me.Hyatt identifies this as a margin issue, and exhorts readers to consider if they really want to be remembered as “constantly tired, sick, and emotionally spent.”No.

Interestingly, the most guidance I noted in the book was about getting more sleep.The book has some good ideas about this.

I did find the book helpful, and think it’s worth the cost of giving up your email address.I like Hyatt’s style, although lots of times I feel like I’m not his target audience.I am a flex worker, but I’m in a creative field that is very client-driven.Hyatt’s advice is very much geared toward internet entrepreneurs who are investing in building platforms for whatever reason.I’m not really in that mode.However, some of the advice is universally applicable, so again, the book is worth the price and time.You may find more take-aways if you haven’t read as heavily in the time and life management genre as I have.

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eBook Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek

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