Futures Sown

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Futures Sown PDF ebook download What if Spidersong and the Jewel Trees never existed? Events might have taken a very different turn, and the place of refuge for mankind might never exist. In this final segment of the Time Entity Trilogy, the travelers must once again face a series of difficult and bizarre challenges in order to finally secure the safe haven. With the Time Entity still engaged in his quest to outmaneuver Death, the double twins once again traverse the Circles of Time to lay the foundation for the future. Joined by new friends, and familiar faces, their path takes them to a valley of clouds, through a deserted underwater city, and into a realm riddled by fire tornadoes and earth tremors. They must also pass an unusual test in a candy factory in order to complete their quest to locate the seeds to plant the Jewel Trees. Similar to their bargain to obtain the Eternity Stone, the travelers once again feel conflicted when called upon to help create Mirrorseed, the evil fortress of elf enchantments and experiments. However, under the guidance of the Fate Entity, they are eventually able to understand that even some very unpleasant things are meant to be.Timeline of Key Events2010: The plane crash maroons Aaron, Patrick, and Christine on the island.2036: The original travelers pay a visit to Ruin Foster's mother.2077: The double twins begin their own adventures in Elmara Lod s.2089: The migration to the island begins.2115: The last of the settlers make it to Heaven's Jewel, and the Doorway in the Sea closes.6051: The Historian welcomes Aaron, Patrick, and Christineon their first visit to Heaven's Jewel.

eBook Futures Sown

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