I'll Have What He's Having (@Cafe, #2)

PDF-file by Elizabeth Craft

I'll Have What He's Having (@Cafe, #2) PDF ebook download Meet the staff of @cafe: Natalie, Dylan, Blue, Sam, Tanya, and Jason. They run the hippest coffee shop in San Francisco — and they have the coolest site on the Internet.

Dylan's aching to tell Natalie how much he loves her. But it's not the kind of thing he can say over the espresso machine. Unfortunately, while he's waiting for the perfect moment, his buddy Sam confides in him that "he's" in love with Natalie. Dylan's not the kind of guy who would betray a friend. He's not the type to walk away from what he wants, either. And now, the atmosphere at the cafe is even hotter than the coffee...

eBook I'll Have What He's Having (@Cafe, #2)

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