The Way of the Saints

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The Way of the Saints PDF ebook download The Catholic priest’s body is naked; he has been garrotted; sacrificial offerings to the Santería ‘Saint’ Ogún surround the corpse. A series of priest murders and the Cuban Catholic Church is under attack; the victims not just random priests, but individually selected for their nefarious pasts – rape, paedophilia, larceny – a litany of venality calling into question the wider probity of the Catholic Church and, by implication, the probity of the Cuban State. Perfect ammunition for ex-Hollywood star Ayede, Cuba’s ‘Queen’, as she campaigns to win the Cuban Presidency – her platform, the regeneration of Cuba’s Afro-Caribbean heritage; and especially the resurrection of its traditional Santería and Regla de Palo African spiritualist beliefs.

But is the pre-electoral timing of the series of priest murders just Ayede’s political good fortune? Ayede’s Presidential campaign is bankrolled by her oil-magnate, twin sister Balianne, herself heavily in debt to Islamic banks - could wider Muslim fundamentalism be involved? Local Cuban murders, or a wider international conspiracy – Cuban police inspector Ana Santos is teemed with CIA operative Max Pinder and tasked with finding out. Centred largely on Cuba, but taking in Canada, Goa, Brunei and Zanzibar, Ana and Max’s investigation into the priest murders soon journeys into two parallel worlds – the real world of the living and the spiritual world of the living dead. As the investigation unfolds, the lives and struggles of three apparently unconnected women also inextricably intertwine:

Inspector Ana Santos - the highest ranking female officer in the Cuban PNR police service. Struggling to solve the series of priest murders, but also struggling against the male chauvinism and prejudice within the PNR; struggling too to balance her social and professional life.

Ayede – ex-Hollywood, Cuban-born superstar, struggling to become Cuba’s next President and struggling to gain her personal freedom from her ever-controlling twin sister Balianne.

Kay Drummond – Irish charity worker struggling to maintain her Catholic beliefs in the face of the growing seduction offered by the Cuban spirit world and by Sandro, one of its palero practitioners.

The outcome of the investigation and of the three women’s struggles: many spirits; few survivors.

eBook The Way of the Saints

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