Special Op Bomber

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Special Op Bomber PDF ebook download This book was only 250 pages or something, but was SOOO long...The chapters were not easy to read and they were too long.The second to last chapeter was 45 pages.This is not a book to be read a little bit of time, but rather a book you had to block off time.

It seems like he had all these notes, interviews and wanted to use them all without any true order.There were multiple accounts on each bombing raid he devoted to each chapter, but after a while all the names kind of wash with each other.I really like knowing names and events with people, but this just seemed like over kill and I don't think I retained too many of the names in the book, which is a shame.

If he cut down on some of the chapters and expanded on the background of fewer raids it would have been much better and he probably could have made another book or two.

The interviews or statements were good though.

eBook Special Op Bomber

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