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Jamestown Exposition PDF ebook download In 1907, Norfolk hosted the Jamestown Exposition, a celebration of America's first permanent settlement on April 26, 1607, and an event that marked America's ascension as a world power, in both military might and cultural influence. This exposition came at a time in American history when naval reviews, grandiose celebrations, world's fairs, and international expositions were at their zenith of public popularity. These were the days when American imperialism reigned and expositions were an expression of patriotic fervor as never before seen in this country. In Jamestown Exposition: American Imperialism on Parade Volume I,
readers will experience this historic event from its early planning and construction, meeting the men responsible for its coordination and success, to the pomp and circumstance of the different exhibits of participating companies, states, and foreign powers. The true-life story of Pocahontas, or Matoaka; the Battle of the Merrimack and Monitor, the exposition's most popular exhibit; and the colorful review of the different world navies, such as the Japanese and British fleets, are just a few examples of the fascinating stories touched upon in this first volume.

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