Baseball's Top 100

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Baseball's Top 100 PDF ebook download By defining greatest in terms of the best individual seasons, this book achieves a clarity never before seen in any similar work. You may not agree that one year is the best measure to assess greatness, but the individual season offers a widely-accepted context for meaningful comparisons. The authors are experts in the most sophisticated statistical methods available in baseball analysis. They know these methods and use them, even introducing some innovative techniques of their own.

There is much more to baseball than numbers, however. This book gives the whole picture of each player. Stats are just a part of that picture, necessary but never sufficient to tell the whole story; the player's personal experience, interaction with fans, teammates, and opponents, and his place in the hearts and minds of those who watch him.

The arguments about "who's the greatest" will never end; they are fundamental to enjoying the game of baseball. "Baseball's Top 100" elevates these arguments to a new, higher level, with much new evidence.

For all fans, young or old, casual or serious, "Baseball's Top 100" is loaded with memories and new insights that illuminate the past and enliven the future. This book offers hours of enjoyment to all readers.

eBook Baseball's Top 100

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