Giving it up for Ralph

PDF-file by Brian West

Giving it up for Ralph PDF ebook download SYNOPSIS:

Brady's had a crush on Ralph for longer than he can remember... And, who is this man? Ralph just happens to be his father's best friend!

While Ralph may be in his late thirties, and almost double his age, as far as Brady's concerned, the man is H O T!!

With rugged looks, a muscular bod, tons of masculine charm and a delicious ass that's haunted Brady for years, what's not to love?

It gets better: Brady's pretty certain that Ralph's been checking him out lately, which is perfect because he'd love nothing more than to find out what Ralph's like in real life instead of having to only think about him in his wild, perverted fantasies.

Brady's been feeling incredibly brave lately and he's ready to take a risk and make a move on Ralph. The only question is, will he be ready for the sort of wild sex that he's sure to get with Ralph?

Find out!


This story contains explicit sexual content. Please do not read if you are under the age of 18.

eBook Giving it up for Ralph

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