A Different Flesh

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A Different Flesh PDF ebook download I enjoyed the book.The (individual) stories (chapters) were well put together, and showed a pattern of progress over time with regard to human rights and sim(homoerectus) rights.Slavery of blacks ended much earlier, and in a more peaceful way in the book, than in our history.The author implied that with another species of less intelligent humans around the differences in our races and cultures are not significant enough to allow people to justify slavery of other humans as long as occurred in our history. I think maybe that is a simplistic view of the issue, but maybe that was for the readers benefit to make the story less complicated. The only thing that really bothered me about the book, was they way each section was written like an independent story.At times reading it i felt like i was reading a group of short stories about the same topic.Im not really a short story person. There were attempts to try the characters together, but they felt added on as an after thought. Plus, I feel that the "hybrids" that are mentioned in several parts of the story should have been flushed out, almost nothing was explained about them. All that being said, i would recommend the book as a good read.

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