Becoming Bea (The Courtships of Lancaster County, #4)

PDF-file by Leslie Gould

Becoming Bea (The Courtships of Lancaster County, #4) PDF ebook download Beatrice Zook knows God wants her to learn patience toward others. When assisting a family overwhelmed by triplets proves surprisingly successful, her confidence in dealing with others, both young and old, grows.

One person she’ll never be able to find peace with though is Ben Rupp. They’ve known each other forever, and Ben understands precisely how to antagonize her. What neither she nor Ben will admit is that beneath all their bickering, attraction awaits. When friends decide to try and bring the couple together, will the pair be able to find true love? Or will they damage their relationship beyond repair?

eBook Becoming Bea (The Courtships of Lancaster County, #4)

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