Freddy To The Rescue (The Golden Hamster Saga, #3)

PDF-file by Dietlof Reiche

Freddy To The Rescue (The Golden Hamster Saga, #3) PDF ebook download In the third installment of the increasingly popular Golden Hamster Saga, Freddy is not only an author, but also a hero. It is a grand adventure — as only Freddy Auratus can write it!

For Freddy Auratus, being civilized comes with responsibilities. So when he learns that a colony of endangered field hamsters is at risk, he takes action. But it's Freddy's own life — and his most valuable secret — that is put in jeopardy when, along with a wise tomcat and a pair of guinea pig poets (turned Opera divas), he takes on City Hall (and some bulldozers). Will Freddy's hamsteritarian mission be his last?

eBook Freddy To The Rescue (The Golden Hamster Saga, #3)

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