Fighting Love (Knockout, #2)

PDF-file by Kellie Perkins

Fighting Love (Knockout, #2) PDF ebook download Keeva O’Brien just found out that the man she has been seeing, the only one who has been able to make her feel alive after the sudden death of her brother, is the same man who delivered the fatal blow in the midst of an underground MMA fight.

Keeva cannot reconcile in her mind the man who held her and loved her is the same who took from her the only family she had left. Keeva’s brother, Luke, dropped out of school and fought in the underground MMA club in order to provide for her and her future. Nash took that away from her. But he also gave back, brought her out of the depths of grief and made her feel alive.

Keeva tries to stay away from Nash, to make the right choices and to follow the path her brother set out for her. But when she learns that Nash is back fighting in the club, she can’t help but go see him fight. She tells herself she shouldn’t care, but when she finds him beaten beyond consciousness in his home because of a debt owed to the wrong people, she can’t help but interfere. He can’t do it alone and she can’t watch him die the same way Luke did.

Luke always told her to follow her heart. But did he mean she should follow her heart and help the man who killed him?

eBook Fighting Love (Knockout, #2)

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