Ghosts' High Noon

PDF-file by Elfrida Vipont

Ghosts' High Noon PDF ebook download This author was recommended to me, and, ironically, the first book by her that I could get from the library is one that I had to add from scratch to the goodreads database.Even more ironically, it's very good.I normally don't like ghost stories as I can't 'feel' them and get the thrill of being spooked.But these were engaging, and the framing concept was charming.

Maybe those who *do* like ghost stories don't like this for the same reasons that I do; maybe it's not what a reader looking for 'eerie' expects from this title and design and so is disappointed?I dunno; I thought they were sufficiently haunting - but for whatever reason I do recommend you consider checking to see if your library has a copy and giving this work the attention I believe it deserves.

eBook Ghosts' High Noon

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