Tretower to Clyro

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Tretower to Clyro PDF ebook download From a great literary critic comes a book on writers and their relationship to the countryside, including discussion of Seamus Heaney, Ian McEwan, Anne Tyler, and more In this essay collection the founder of the London Review of Books turns his attention to appreciate certain writers of the English-speaking modern world. Most of them are inhabitants of the North Sea archipelago once known as Great Britain, who are here seen as tribally distinct, as Scottish, English, Irish, or Welsh, and as a single society. A new ruralism has come to notice, and the book is drawn to country lives as they have figured in the literature of the last century. An introductory essay is centred on the Anglo-Welsh borderlands. Journeys taken with Seamus Heaney and Andrew O'Hagan to this countryside, and others, are threaded throughout the book. The poets Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes are discussed, together with the fiction of Ian McEwan, the Canadian writer Alistair Macleod, the Irish writer John McGahern, and the Baltimorean Anne Tyler. Scotland is a preoccupation of the later pieces, including the letters of Henry Cockburn, a lifelong interest of the author, who is also interested here in foxes and their current metropolitan profile.

eBook Tretower to Clyro

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