The Killing Season (Trail of the Gunfighter, #2)

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The Killing Season (Trail of the Gunfighter, #2) PDF ebook download Another transfer station rescue. Just in time for my variation in reading genres plan! We leave merry Olde England now for the plains of Texas and Kansas. Maybe New Mexico later on... So far this is just OK. Plenty of gunfights and killing and our hero has been wounded three times already and I'm not even to page 100 yet. Seems like the author owes a lot to "The Autobiography of John Wesley Hardin," who also gets a mention. Nothin' but shootin' and killin' in that one. Nathan seems like the "good" version of that bad man. The revenge story is underway a third time. The first one was the first book of the series. The second one straddles the two and now Nathan must avenge the death of a Ranger friend. Meanwhile, everyone wants to kill him. Whew!

- "Desperadoes" by Ron Hansen is much better written and more interesting than this.

- The cover of my paperback edition is shown as the cover of the e-book version.

Moving on from Texas to Kansas and New Mexico and back to Texas. Nathan really gets around. Right now he's in Mexico chasing horses with his new pal Fisher(probably doomed) in "Blood Meridian" territory about 25 years later. The shootin' and killin' continues unabated and Nathan's bullet wound count is up to six! Is he very lucky or very unlucky? Lucky I'd say...

- J. W. Hardin comes up again as do many names of real-life events, lawmen, cattle men and bad boys(and girls) of the wild west. This gives the story a nice, authentic feel.

- The story gets a bit repetitive but is also pretty readable, though the prose is workmanlike, not inspired.

- p. 131 - names get confused - poor editing!

eBook The Killing Season (Trail of the Gunfighter, #2)

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