Galaxy's Greatest Giggles

PDF-file by Matt Rissinger

Galaxy's Greatest Giggles PDF ebook download 3, 2, 1: laugh off! What kind of baseball game is played in outer space? The All-Star Game. How do you put a baby astronaut to sleep? You rocket gently. These jokes, riddles, and puns are absolutely out of this world; in fact, giggles just don’t get better anywhere in our galaxy. Kids will find cool references to everything from flying saucers and space monsters to NASA and the planets, and lots more fun stuff too. Why did the pig fly into space? He wanted to be the first Ham on the Moon. Amusing black-and-white cartoons throughout add to the chuckles. Matt Rissinger and Philip Yates, who have created dozens of humor-filled bestsellers, have come up with another winner!

eBook Galaxy's Greatest Giggles

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