For Tucker (Previously Tucker #2)

PDF-file by David R. Johnson

For Tucker (Previously Tucker #2) PDF ebook download Previously was sold as two separate books.So this edition is currently unavailable.You can find this story in a newer edition combined into one story.Look for a Tucker's Way edition that includes this (about 350 pages).

Our heroine returns in book two to face new crises.
Her daughter, Maisy, decides to try and extort money from the father of her daughter, April. Maisy miscalculates how he will react to her demands. When she threatens a paternity suit against him, he murders Maisy and unwittingly disposes of her body in the same area that Tucker disposed of her murdered father over thirty years ago.
Tucker’s limited life skills are put to the test as she experiences grief for the very first time and tries to help her grandchildren deal with the death of their mother. The only friend Tucker has ever had, Ella, reaches out to comfort Tucker in her grief.
While Tucker is searching through Maisy's effects, she finds an envelope with the words "For Tucker" on the outside. Inside she finds a letter naming the fathers of Maisy’s children.
But the murderer seems to have an airtight alibi.

eBook For Tucker (Previously Tucker #2)

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