Fight and the Fury (Chronicles of Dragon, #8)

PDF-file by Craig Halloran

Fight and the Fury (Chronicles of Dragon, #8) PDF ebook download The struggle continues ...

Times have become more perilous in Nalzambor for everyone, especially Nath Dragon and his friends. Departing from the Floating City, Nath Dragon’s patience is put to the test. The crystal gnomes, led by Snarggell, are reluctant to help, forcing Nath into a regrettable decision.

Bayzog, Brenwar, and Ben try to catch up with Nath, but more dragons are hunting them down. Soon, they find themselves overwhelmed and in need of other allies.

Rerry and Samaz search for their mother, Sasha.

High Priestess Selene wants the crystal gnomes back ...

eBook Fight and the Fury (Chronicles of Dragon, #8)

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