Improvised Digital Short Story Burn It

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Improvised Digital Short Story Burn It PDF ebook download Trestle Press and Giovanni Gelati have done it again as they produced a fun and exciting time for a team of authors, wait two teams this time, Girls vs. Guys. Burn It Is the collaborative efforts of authors Thomas Kaufman,Vincent Zandri,CQ Scafidi, and Thomas White. They were given three things to construct this story: Bartender, Library, and Dumpster. From that they made this suspense tale. Download both and decide for yourself which is the better story.
Thomas Kaufman is the author of Drink The Tea and the soon to be released novel Steal the Show.
Vincent Zandri has penned many works ,most notably Godchild, The Innocent, Moonlight Falls, The Remains, Pathological, Moonlight Mafia, and True Stories.
CQ Scafidi has written Time Couriers and has created the digital short series The Commissary.
Thomas White is the author of Justice Rules.
Read this incredibly well written digital short story that was created by these four authors in less than six hours as they played off of each other’s work to bring this story to its end. You can hear the audio version of the story with the voice talents of Big Daddy Abel (The Open Mic series), Bri Clark ( Caffe Seduzione, The Familial Witch), Joan Meijer (Tranquility Initiative, The Provenance) and Thomas White(Justice Rules) on Giovanni Gelati’s blogtalk radio show, The G-ZONE, archives.

eBook Improvised Digital Short Story Burn It

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