Clouds Below Heaven (Heaven Driven #1)

PDF-file by Sicily Yoder

Clouds Below Heaven (Heaven Driven #1) PDF ebook download Twenty-five-year-old Amish woman, Hannah Zook spends every Friday morning at the pier where her sister had perished. One low-clouded morning, former Amish man, William Zook, who left His Old Order community in Shipshewana after the death of his wife and children runs into Hannah at the lake. But she is more than furious. His Amish-turned-worldlyways reflects her late sister's life the day that she had perished at the lake.
William considers Hannah conceited and downright mean, but as he goes back to his sprawling farm, he can't get her off his mind. Little by little, he sees that Hannah was partly right: he left his faith.
Can William get his faith back, and can Hannah stop grieving over her sister and put things in God's hands?Can they help each other during life's hardships? They have one friend in common: Jesus Christ.Can Christ bond a love that can't be shaken?

eBook Clouds Below Heaven (Heaven Driven #1)

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