Marriage of Virtue and Viciousness (Vampire the Requiem #3)

PDF-file by Greg Stolze

Marriage of Virtue and Viciousness (Vampire the Requiem #3) PDF ebook download Vengeance Is His

Word has spread among Chicago's Kindred that Prince Maxwell is to grant an indulgence, a one-night lift on the ban imposed on destroying fellow vampires. The Damned scurry for position and ready their long-delayed revenge. But no vampire's rage is more consuming than that of Solomon Birch, the fallen zealot of the undead church known as the Lancea Sanctum. Birch's enemies know that if they don't strike first, he surely will.

Vampire: The RequiemNovel #3

About the Author: Greg Stolze is the author of Vampire: A Hunger Like Fire(the first in this series), 2003's Trilogy of the Fallenand Rites of the Dragon. His short fiction has appeared in several anthologies and magazines.

eBook Marriage of Virtue and Viciousness (Vampire the Requiem #3)

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