Wendy's Phoenix

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Wendy's Phoenix PDF ebook download After the bar was set so low in the last book Elwood wrote, I really couldn’t see a way for this book to be any worse.The good news is that this book is indeed better than his last attempt.However, the bad news is that it’s better only by the smallest of margins.One thing that he tried was to make this book a more fluid narrative and to tell a story.He was able to tell a story, but there were still parts that were choppy, and that detracted from the narrative as a whole.The story itself wasn’t very entertaining either.It seemed to exist in somewhat of a Christian vacuum where the overwhelming majority of the people in this story were either ultra-devout believers, or angels sent from God.While in some stories the part about the angels may have seemed interesting, Elwood manages to make them seem mundane, and in some cases almost boring.He also reiterates some sort of perverse old time respect for the mob which I don’t understand at all.At any rate, I’m really happy there is only one more book in this series

eBook Wendy's Phoenix

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