God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith

PDF-file by Thelma Wells

God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith PDF ebook download Popular speaker and author Thelma Wells points the way to a faith that surpasses women's expectations and dreams as she shares her journey through struggles and triumphs alongside dynamic, biblical teachings and godly guidance.

"Mama T" explains how women can ready their hearts for success, contentment, purpose, and much more as she moves them toward God's promises and calls them to:

submit their lives and goals and dreams to God pray over the dreams and visions God gives to them and wait with patience weed out enemies of faith—greed, pride, ego—and make room for God's abundance learn more about God's character to cultivate an effective faith trust in God's generous and gracious plans for them—and live them out
Women will be filled with the assurance of God's presence and the joy of their own belief as they take steps forward with renewed hope and direction.

eBook God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith

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