Spellbound (Ghosts, Inc., #3)

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Spellbound (Ghosts, Inc., #3) PDF ebook download Josh Winston hasn't exactly had an easy time of it in recent months.Some of the decisions he's had to make during his temporary tenure as acting-president of Ghosts, Inc. have been life or death - literally - and for a man who makes his living seeing auras, that's saying something! Now, however, his old boss has returned from her honeymoon and his life is smooth sailing once again.Even if he's currently being followed around by a television crew hoping to make him into the newest ghost-hunting reality star.And even if he feels so off-balance that he doesn't even recognize himself in the mirror any longer.Things will return to normal.They have to.Anything else is unacceptable.Especially for a man used to being the strong and stable one of the organization.

Accountant Regina Cantor has been happily living with a ghost in her house for well over a year.In fact, the ghost even seems to be taking care of her, turning on lights and generally being helpful and protective.Until one night when it's clear that something has changed and that Regina's ghost isn't quite so friendly any longer.In fact, it's downright dangerous.

Seeking help for her little "ghost problem," Regina turns to GI for a quick and easy solution, and immediately, Josh can tell that she's had a brush with a very different kind of ghost, one that's far more evil than any he's ever seen before.Complicating matters is the intense attraction that sparks between him and Regina whenever they're in the same room.Can they possibly work together to find out who or what is behind the nasty entity now haunting Regina's house?And can Regina's love help to heal whatever is broken inside Josh before it's too late for him to be anything other than the bitter, remote man he's quickly becoming?

eBook Spellbound (Ghosts, Inc., #3)

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