Kristina's Lie

PDF-file by April Feezor

Kristina's Lie PDF ebook download Kristina Davis has no trouble finding men, however, finding the right one has been almost impossible since the breakup with her college sweetheart ten years ago. At twenty-nine years old, Kristina has focused her time and energy towards being the top account executive for a prominent advertising agency and has almost given up on finding love after a long string of relationships.

Unexpectedly crossing paths with her old college flame, Kristina is tormented with conflicting emotions. Torn between the man she used to love and the lie that's held her life together for the last ten years, Kristina is faced with making a decision that will change her life forever.

Will she risk letting her guard down in exchange for love or will the lies from her past keep her from the future she's always wanted?

eBook Kristina's Lie

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