Living in Communion in the World Today

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Living in Communion in the World Today PDF ebook download In the 60 years since the founding of The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) at Lund, Sweden, it has grown from a federation to a world communion of churches. The interaction of a diversity of ecclesial traditions, cultural and language distinctions has formed a unique body of Lutheran unity. In 2007, celebrating the 60 years, the leadership of the 140 member churches met in Lund to discuss self-understanding, experiences, expectations, and challenges. This book includes reports from LWF officers and church leaders, greetings from representatives of other church families and global Christian organizations and from governmental representatives. In addition to the LWF foundational documents, the Marriage, Family, and Human Sexuality; Apostolicity of the Church; and House of Europe discussions are included.

eBook Living in Communion in the World Today

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