A Brief History of the Age of Steam

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A Brief History of the Age of Steam PDF ebook download This set out to be a brief history — and damnit it did!I'm quite sure that for real train or steam boat aficionado's it's lacking severely.For someone like me who focuses heavily on classic history/european history and whatever, it was a nice brief on something I really haven't read anything about.

My wife on I are also big into commodity histories, histories focusing on just one thing, Like "Salt: A World History" by Kurlansky.I am going to say this doesn't quite fit in, simply because it's not so much a abut a specific thing (that you can hold) or an object.It's not a history of Trains, or even Steam Trains, nor of steam boats.It is dedicated to a ~200 - 250 year history of steam.

I only have two complaints, but felt they were enough to keep it from being 5 stars.1) It's just dry, maybe there's not much you can do about it, maybe it's the author, who knows.But there is little to pull you through this book other then your own will to learn.2) while the author does a good job at staying focused on the earlier parts of the book, he beginnings making ever greater circles around the subject matter.While it's obvious that socio-economic factors have a great deal to do with everything, the digressions began running deeper and deeper.I almost felt like he needed to get to 300 pages to blend with the rest of the books in this "A brief history of..." series, so he was pulling out more and more details as he went along to get it to where he needed.Whatever the reason, I was about ready to be done with the subject, one can't approach the Boxer Rebellion without touching on Ci-Xi and her proclivities.

Anyways, you go into this wanting to read about this specific technology in history and you should leave it feeling satisfied.

eBook A Brief History of the Age of Steam

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