I Surrender All

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I Surrender All PDF ebook download This book was worth exactly what I purchased it for as a Kindle download....nothing! It was offered as a free download and I thought well it could be an interesting read and I could not have been more wrong. In a side note, I find it hard to be called a person a porn addict when you claim you only own two or three porn tapes, had enough self control to never watch pay-per-view porn while on the road.

I like the way the book was written with Clay sharing his story for the first third of the book. Than his wife Renee shares Clay's story again along with her reaction for the second third of the book. For the final third it is Clay and Renee sharing his story again along with her reaction and how God helped. The two pretty much rehash the same stories over and over again for the whole book. If you ever forget during the reading the porn was his addiction it will be mentioned again don't worry.

Renee and Clay were casual Christians who loved the fame and fortune that came with Clay's career and didn't become servants to God until the addiction to pornography threatened his career and the money that Renee loved to spend. It reads to me as a mildly successful Christian artist who enjoyed the life of being famous. For some reason he loses the ability to sing but medical professionals could find no reason for Clay's issues he decides after a horrible performance that it must be this porn addiction that he hides from his wife. He tells his wife, they pray and read the bible and than they become full blown dedicated to God Christians! Marriage is saved and never is their word of a marriage counselor or minister to help.Now his career is saved they go around and witness to people and tell their story all is right with the world!

eBook I Surrender All

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