The Garden of Eden (The Eden Chronicles #1)

PDF-file by L.L. Hunter

The Garden of Eden (The Eden Chronicles #1) PDF ebook download Eden Daylesford is a sixteen year old Nephilim girl stuck smack bang in the middle of a war between angels and demons. And the bad thing is that she shares both of their blood. When her mother takes her to the Michaelite Sanctuary in London to try to get rid of the deadly trait that has started to appear – one that hasn’t been seen in a long time – it could stop Eden from forming any sort of relationship with anyone, including the tempting Asher. Eden has no idea just how powerful she is…

Will she learn to embrace her new ability and accept her new role, or go back to her old life of an ordinary human teenager?

Will she be tempted?

The enticing first book in the spin off novella series to The Legend of the Archangel. Set after events in The Chronicles of Fire and Ice.

eBook The Garden of Eden (The Eden Chronicles #1)

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