Warrior (The Warrior Trilogy, #2)

PDF-file by Michael A. Stackpole

Warrior (The Warrior Trilogy, #2) PDF ebook download Warrior:Riposte is the second in the Warrior Trilogy, continuing from Warrior: En Garde. The marriage between Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner is being planned, but not all of the guests are going to be happy. This marriage is going to change the balance of power in the Inner Sphere and Marik, Liao and Kurita will have to respond.

I'm rereading these books and it's interesting knowing how things are going to end up. The decisions and actions that people are taking have different meanings knowing the outcome. This book has more politics and less battles than the previous book, but it's building up for the climax in the third book.

eBook Warrior (The Warrior Trilogy, #2)

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