An Introduction to Theories of Personality

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An Introduction to Theories of Personality PDF ebook download This introduction to the theories of personality introduces readers not only to the rich history of psychology but to "practical" information that helps them understand their own lives and their relationships with other people. Using a theorist-by-theorist approach, the book summarizes the major theories of personality and emphasizes that the best understanding of personality derives from a "variety" of viewpoints. Thus, theories representing the psychoanalytic, sociocultural, trait, learning, sociological, and existential-humanistic paradigms are offered as different— yet equally valid— ways of approaching the study of personality. Includes a series of experiential exercises. What Is Personality? Sigmund Freud. Carl Jung. Alfred Adler. Karen Horney. Erik H. Erikson. Gordon Allport. Raymond B. Cattell and Hans J. Eysenck. B. F. Skinner. John Dollard and Neal Miller. Albert Bandura and Walter Mischel. Edward O. Wilson. George Kelly. Carl Rogers. Abraham Maslow. Rollo Reese May. For anyone wanting a comprehensive understanding of personality and individual differences.

eBook An Introduction to Theories of Personality

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