Sacred Fires

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Sacred Fires PDF ebook download When Casey Mc Conoughy, a magazine news reporter, and Miguel Stephens, a rogue U.S. Customs Bureau agent, unite to uncover the mystery behind a rash of bazaar cult murders connected to the theft of antiquities from Mexico they get more than they bargained for. While Miguel's hidden agenda is to uncover the cult leader responsible for human sacrifices including that of his step-brother, Casey's is to get over her former fiance, a lawyer with unsavory clients, and to prove her worth as a news reporter. What they both discover is that they had been together in another lifetime in Aztec Mexico. Unlike then, however, this time, they have the law on their side and a love so strong it is sacred. From modern day Mexico City to the tropical splendor of Acapulco, Sacred Fires paints a story of greed, betrayal, revenge, and love.

eBook Sacred Fires

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