Society of Magic (DOMA: Department of Magic Book 10)

PDF-file by Brian Dockins

Society of Magic (DOMA: Department of Magic Book 10) PDF ebook download Cadan Ogden thought that rescuing all of his loves ones and allies and bringing them to a safe location would provide some relief, but he was wrong. Now he has the responsibility of creating a society out of the disparate factions. He has to find a way to make all of the races and groups under his command get along enough so that they don't kill each other.

His closest friends help as much as they can. His sister, Caira, works tirelessly to forge a new Guardian Order, while Tess Lennox has the daunting task of training their surge of new children.

Cadan must balance the fight against his uncle and the Department of Magic with preparing for the future of his new community. With the ultimate battle in sight, he must still find the last two Relics and figure out a way to destroy the pretend witch Nerina.

eBook Society of Magic (DOMA: Department of Magic Book 10)

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