The New Era of Prince Malock

PDF-file by Timothy L. Cerepaka

The New Era of Prince Malock PDF ebook download Book Three in the Prince Malock World

With the end of the world drawing closer every day, Prince Tojas Malock of Carnag leads his ragtag band of friends and allies through the dangerous southern seas to the very edge of the world in a race against time. Though Malock is determined to save the world, the gods have other plans for him and his friends, plans to derail the quest and allow the whole world to tumble end over end into oblivion.

Meanwhile, on the island of Carnag, Skimif, the aquarian leader of a social movement dedicated to ending worship of the northern gods, struggles to preserve the morale of his followers in the face of constant persecution from the government, as well as maintain his own optimism in the face of the incoming apocalypse. It is the discovery of his true destiny, however, that leads him down a path that will forever change who he is.

In this tale of mortals and gods, of destiny and apocalypse, fantasy author Timothy L. Cerepaka weaves an unforgettable story that will certainly resonate with readers and stay in their minds long after reading the last page.

eBook The New Era of Prince Malock

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